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Herceg Novi & Igalo - hotels and beaches
Hotel PLAZA (category A) is situated near the coastline. Each room has balcony looking onto the sea, bathroom, toilet, telephone and radio. All appartments have color TV set in addition. The hotel has summer garden restaurant, indoor swimming pool with warm sea-water and outdoor childrens' one, sauna, congress and concert hall, barbecue, pizzeria, beer cellar, night club, disco club...
Herceg Novi - Hotel "Plaza"
Hotel IGALO (category B) is near the coastline in Spa Igalo. Each room has balcony looking mostly onto the sea, bathroom, toilet and telephone. It has private beach with showers, snack bar, summer garden restaurant, barbecue, inn, drinks bar, TV room, tennis playground, indoor swimming pool...
Igalo - Hotel "Igalo"
Hotel TAMARIS (category B) is in the center of Spa Igalo, near the coastline and near the Institut Simo Milosevic (health service center). Each room has balcony looking onto the see, bathroom or shower, toilet and telephone. It has restaurant, restaurant with milk products, inn, summer garden restaurant, terrace, snack bar, TV room, outdoor swimming pool with warm and healing mineral water and private beach with shower.
Igalo - Hotel "Tamaris"
Hotel TOPLA (category B) is near the coastline. Each room has shower and toilet, a most ones balcony looking onto the sea. It has private beach with showers. Barbecue, snack bars, restaurant and drinks bar are offered to the guests as well as sailling and water skiing school, boats on hire, mini-golf, ping-pong and playground for different sports.
Beach Topla
Beach Zanjic
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Herceg Novi - Hotel "Topla"
Hotel CENTAR (category B) has 6 villas: Primorka, Rumija, Lovcen, Novljanka, Orjen and Jadranka. A great number of Nobel Price winers spent their vacation here. Each room has bathroom, toilet, a most ones has balcony looking onto the sea. The hotel offers following services: restaurant under cadre-trees, drinks bar, TV-room...
Herceg Novi - Hotel "Centar"
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